22 Great Tips/Habits For Clean and Organized Kitchen

Is there such a thing as too much kitchen storage space? The obvious answer is no and that no is multiplied by many numbers if you have a house that is small as it is. When you have used up every cabinet in the kitchen how can you create more storage space?

Creating more kitchen storage space is not all that difficult and if you use your imagination there are several things that you can do to greatly increase your kitchen storage space. Here are some tricks that you can use in order to increase the amount of storage space in your kitchen:

• Lazy Susan: Ever single kitchen has corner cabinets and these corner cabinets are a great place to free up come much needed space. For a few bucks and some sweat on your part, you can buy and install a Lazy Susan in each corner cabinet in your kitchen. A Lazy Susan will have two or three levels and will spin all the way around 360 degrees so that you can actually store a good deal more than the regular corner shelves that are typically installed in most home’s corner cabinets.

• Kitchen Hutch: A kitchen hutch is a great alternative to homes that do not have kitchen pantries. Kitchen hutches can be found in many different styles and sizes so no matter how big or small your kitchen is there is no doubt a kitchen hutch to fill your needs. Once you have put together your kitchen hutch you can use it to store pots, pans, or even non perishable foods such as can foods and pastas. The amount of kitchen space that is saved with a kitchen hutch is staggering.

• Run a Shelf: If you have a wall in your kitchen that doesn’t have any cabinets on it then it is the perfect place for you to run a shelf. Running a shelf will allow you to put whatever you wish on that shelf and will free up a great deal of extra space in your kitchen. Most people stick to putting decorations on kitchen shelves, but the sky’s the limit and really depends on your taste and storage space needs.

• Hanging Baskets: Hanging baskets are another way to store some items that can be clogging up space in your kitchen. Use a three-tiered mesh hanging basket to put fruits and veggies into. This keeps the fruits and veggies up and out of the way and allows for more space to be freed up in your kitchen.

• Pot and Pan Hanger: Another huge space saver is a pot and pan hanger. These can be mounted right on the way or can even be made to hang from the ceiling. Once installed you simply hang all of your pots and pans by their handles and then step back and look in delight at all the kitchen space you created.

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