The Secrets Of Small Kitchen Design

If you are in a rut where your small kitchen design is concerned then you it is important that you remember that strategize on what you can fit in to it and where.

The most important things to consider when remodeling a small kitchen is that do you have sufficient storage space, what kind of appliances can you include and good lighting.

The best storage solution that you could include in your small kitchen design is by putting in a small island this will not only provide you with additional storage space but also extra space for you to work on. But if it is even too small for an island then it is best that you design the layout on your kitchen galley style.

A galley style kitchen puts the cabinets lined up hanging on either side of the kitchen aisle and on the walls so that you are able to take advantage of the limited space that you have without them being an obstacle.

If you want you could take advantage of the ceiling by hanging pots and pans from a rack chained at the centre or anywhere on the ceiling of the kitchen. It also helps to add character and charm to any kitchen.

When installing new cabinets in a small kitchen make sure you include a pantry cabinet which goes all the way to the ceiling and the use top most cabinets for storing those items that you seldomly use.

The colours that you should use for your small kitchen should be as follows:-

Use light coloured cabinets with glass doors and add further storage to the inside of doors where you can place tiny bits and pieces (why not put a spice rack inside a door for your spices and herbs to be kept in).

When installing counters install deeper ones so that they can accommodate appliances and will also increase the amount of workspace that you have available. You also look for the many compact and space saving appliances that are now readily available. But when it comes to the sink keep it big as you need something that is practical for cleaning large pots and pans in.

Another good trick to use in your small kitchen design is to install under cabinet and under the counter lighting. This type of lighting will make your kitchen appear bigger and therefore much more inviting to your guests.

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