Great Kitchen Island Ideas – 3 Things to Include 3 Things to Avoid

There is a lot of truth that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach and that begins in your kitchen.If you are building a new house or redoing an old house take care to give special attention to your kitchen. For me I believe that the heart of my house is the kitchen.

I love top cook and I like the fact that my kitchen is designed to be open to my living area so that even when we have quests everyone can join into the conversation and no one gets left out because they are the cook. That is usually me. I want to share my ideas on what I think a beautiful kitchen should have and one that will be used a lot. Lets talk about the kitchen island today and things you will want to be sure it has.

1. SIZE Make your kitchen island big enough Size does matter. Make you island big enough to allow you a big enough work area for more that one project at a time.

2. LIGHTING Be sure to add the proper amount of lighting directly above the island The last thing you want is an island without enough lighting to be able to read your cook books or see what wonderful dish that you are preparing.

3. ELECTRICAL OUTLETS Have your electrician add and electrical outlet into your island. What a wonderful buffet you will have if you can load all that food on your island and KEEP it warm. If you do not have any outlets in your island how are you gonna plug up those crock pots and slow cookers.

I am sure you may come up with more ideas of things you will want to add but this is my list of my kitchen island ideas. I enjoy my kitchen more than any room in the house because we love to have company over and especially our kids and grand kids. To me a kitchen island is a wonderful addition if your kitchen is used a lot and maybe if you just plan to sale soon.

The kitchen is one off the biggest selling points of any house and one of the hardest to change the structure of so you better do it right the first time. Below are some kitchen island ideas of things you do not want to do.

1. Avoid making walkways around your island to small Be sure that you have enough walking room around your kitchen island. Kitchen designs with center islands usually allow for walking but a good way that I have found to be sure is this..

Side Note When your kitchen is still in the building process and the floor is bare take a black magic marker and a tape measure and lay your cabinets out on the floor.Once you can see where your cabinets will be you will have a better idea of how much room you will have to move around.

2. Avoid leaving wasted space beneath the island Remember to make use of all space below you island.

Believe it or not their is a lot of storage space to be make underneath the island. Use the space below your island to add storage, a wine cooler, your microwave or a number of other things you can come up with but use the space.

3. Avoid not adding plumbing Adding a small sink to your island will be something you will always be grateful for. It is amazing how big of a mess you will not make if you have a sink at your disposal.

I hope you enjoy your new house and your new kitchen. As you are building Please come join me at Dime decorating for unique ceiling ideas for your new kitchen and cheap home decorating ideas for your whole family.

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