Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Books and online sources show hundreds of information on how to design a modern kitchen. Interior design images are also a good source of insight into the elements involved in creating a contemporary design. Homeowners who are planning to have their kitchen built or remodelled would often refer to these information and images for an idea on what kind of style they should go for. These can serve as templates or samples.

Some would even try to replicate the design of others if they like something they see online or in books. However, it’s nice to have something unique. In any case, you can always achieve a unique design with the common elements of a modern kitchen. Here are some recommendations:

Built-in Is In

While the minimalistic design is synonymous to modern style, the idea behind “less is more” becomes useful these days. The more kitchen appliances you have, the more cluttered the kitchen can be. But proper and innovative storage and placement can resolve this challenge. Microwave cabinets and refrigerator drawers are quite popular nowadays. Instead of a bulky microwave occupying considerable space on your countertops, you can now have them installed along with cabinets and drawers.

Refrigerators can also seem less space-intrusive if built alongside cabinets. The overall effect is a sleek and spacious kitchen. Other smaller appliances that are not frequently used like food processors and blenders can be stored in cabinets while most frequently used appliances like coffee makers can be placed on counters.

Lighting Trends

Most people believe that the kitchen is the “heart” of a home. This is where most homemaking activities are done. Food preparation, cooking, and even casual dining are done here in this part of the house. Lighting is not only useful in providing enough illumination for different tasks in this area. It is also used to create overall style and welcoming ambiance.

Lighting is also great to highlight an important part of the room. Backsplashes and countertops can be highlighted with under cabinet lights. An island counter, for example, would look wonderful with mini-pendant lights in a row. Although a chandelier is a usual option, this doesn’t seem quite appropriate for the modern kitchen designs we are after. Pendants will serve a better purpose in style and function.

Upgrade Fixtures and Handles

Drawers and cabinets don’t always need replacing. Some experts recommend re-facing or refurbishing of these storage areas especially if they are still in great shape and strategic position. What you can do to upgrade the look into a more modern style is replace door handles, kitchen knobs, and taps as well. Old and bulky handles, taps, and knobs can be replaced with slim and functional ones. For faucets and taps, you may opt for a design with architectural lines. These are recommended for modern kitchens.

Aside from these elements, proper choice of colour and material will play a big role in achieving good modern kitchen designs. It is important to refer to interior designers for some advice on colour themes or check online sources for images and more information.

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