6 Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Today we’ll discuss various curtains and draperies for your kitchen. I decided to write the post about curtains, because they are the main item in the kitchen decor.

Choose the color of the curtains Look at your kitchen and see what colors are used. The perfect choice would be the same color as the sofa, table cloth or the chairs. If you would like to have the curtains colored in beige, brown or red that differes from your kitchen accessories that would also be ok. Just be attentive and don’t use more than three colors in your decor. You can use more if you are an interior designer:)

Choose the Style of your draperies Country is the most popular style. You can search the photos for ideas “country kitchen curtains” at google.com or bing.com. Or you can search to “buy country curtains” and you’ll see how many types the stores have.

Curtains treatment Imagine that you finally bought the curtains. If you want to have long and hapy life with these curtains, And I guess you don’t want to change them in the nearest year or more, then you should be interested in the treatment of your decor.

Curatins can look gorgeous and great for years if you treat them according to all rules. The easies way to find “curtains treatment” is to ask for instructions in the store. If you didn’t find the answer there, then search in the web.

Discounts and cheap deals for buying curtains Don’t forget about good deals! If you find the store with great discounts for curtains you will aford new interior every year! Take a look on the ideas that are presented in such stores. They usually show interesting and beautiful interiors.

Fabrics for your curatins If you choose discounted curtains it doesn’t mean they should look poor. Don’t be shy or lazy about questioning the seller. Ask about the quality of the fabric, the treatment and whether the curtains will look good or not in long time usage.

Small tip from the author Usually I choose any interior item for hours, days or even weeks. I don’t know if this one or that one will look good in my room. I won’t waste my money till I am sure they will be spent for the accessory with the perfect look and long term usage.

But! as a result I had more thoughts about great changes in my room than I really had new interior. I decided to try and test and think twice less. Now I have great curtains, after one fail. First curatins were great but their wavy picture was invisible during the sunny wheather. I would never guess until I tried.


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