10 Kitchen Decorating Don’ts

Decorating your kitchen can be lots of fun and the results will be something that you can enjoy for a very long time. However, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do when decorating your kitchen. These simple mistakes can take away from the beauty of your new kitchen and make it uninviting.

10 kitchen decorating Don’ts:

1. Don’t keep items that are old, outdated or unnecessary. Buy new cookware and serving dishes to go with your new décor.

2. Don’t get carried away and have too many different styles and designs in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen uncomfortable. A kitchen with only two or three mixed styles is much more appealing.

3. Don’t overcrowd your kitchen. Many people tend to add too many items to their kitchen making them appear cluttered and messy.

4. Don’t avoid light. Add extra light fixtures and open up your windows so the sun can shine in. Light enhances the décor and creates a relaxing environment.

5. Don’t limit your storage space. The kitchen is where you need the most space. Otherwise, you will end up with dishes, pot and pans, food and so forth sitting all over your counters and table.

6. Don’t buy items that are not practical for the kitchen. There are many wonderful decorating items available that may catch your eye but that doesn’t mean they belong in your kitchen.

7. Don’t purchase a dinette set without checking it for comfort. Many families spend a lot of time in their kitchen and having chairs that are too hard to sit on just because it looked great in the store is not a good idea.

8. Don’t choose the paint for your kitchen without checking the color first.

9. Don’t forget to install enough wall sockets to meet the needs of a busy kitchen.

10. Don’t choose flooring that is difficult to clean; this will get very ignoring after awhile.

If you avoid the “Don’ts” listed above, decorating your kitchen should be a complete success that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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